Best time for diving in The Philippines

Diving is possible year round in The Philippines, but there are some factors to take into account to decide when to go diving.

The tropical climate of The Philippines assures warm water throughout the year.  Water temperatures are coolest in the beginning of the year and can go down to a still comfortable 25°C / 77°F.  During these months however you might need a full 3 mm wetsuit for longer dives.

From March the water is started to warm up until June when the water temperature can get as high as 32°C / 90°F.  Unfortunately rainfall is slowly becoming increasingly frequent and heavy from this time on and air temperatures are also increasing. June is the real start of the rain and typhoon season and this  badly affects the underwater visibility.  So the months from June to the end of the rain season in November are not the best time to go diving, but diving is still possible and you are escaping the crowds.

The better and sunnier weather in the end of the year is causing enormous plankton bloom, that greatly reduces visibility. To compare the sometimes huge difference in visibility, below are two photo´s shot in The Philippines. The first one was shot in December and the second one shot in May.

Photo of Trumpetfish shot in January:

Trumpet Fish January

Photo of Anemon and clownfish shot in May:

Anemon and clownfish

Visibility is best from March to May and this is also the time when the water temperature is comfortable and you can easily dive with a 3 mm shorty.

Considering the above, we think April and May are the best time for diving in The Philippines. The water and air temperatures are both good, visibility is great and the weather is mostly sunny with a slim chance of rain.