Blugré Coffee

The king of fruits, Durian, with its ultra strong odour and pungent taste is now being blended into your favorite coffee mix by the local coffee chain Blug.The strong taste of the Durian fruit is definitly noticable, but not overwhelmingly present in the coffee. Aside from various Durian coffee blends, they are also offering a selection of Durian cheese cakes.

Blugre Coffe Davao

If you are not a Durian lover, they also have good regular iced coffees, cakes, and a few hot dishes. Prices are in line with other coffee shop chains such as starbucks and Bo's coffee.
Blugre Coffee
Currently Blugré coffee is operating from Davao and General Santos in Mindanao, but they have big expansion plans. The shop in the Ayala Abreeza Mall is the most centrally located in Davao. Their flagship store is located in the Matina town Square. Free WiFi is provided.