Casa Gorordo Museum

This two-storey house was built around 1850 by Alejendro Reynes in the wealthy Parian district of Cebu and later bought by Spanish merchant Juan Isidro De Gorordo. The house stayed four generations in the family and included the first Philippine bishop of Cebu - Juan Bautista Perfecto Gorordo between 1910 en 1932. The house is one of the few buildings in Cebu that survived heavy bombing campaigns in the second world war.

Casa Gorordo Museum

In the 1980 the house was acquired by the Aboitiz foundation and converted in the Casa Gorordo Museum showcasing various item related to Cebuano life in the 19th century. You will enter the museum through a small garden.  

Casa Gorordo Garden

The ground floor of the Casa Gorordo Museum is constructed from coral stone blocks and houses a small library with photographs of old Cebu.

Casa Gorordo

The upper floors are made from hardwood with a roof from terra-cotta tiles. The upper floor holds the bedrooms, living room, kitchen and several historic items.

Kitchen Casa Gorordo

The Casa Gorordo Museum is located at 35 Lopez Jaena Street near Yap San Diego ancestral house and is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 10 am to 6 pm. Admission fee for international visitors is 70 php. Local visitors pay 40 php.

Casa Gorordo entrance