Davao Crocodile Center

Crocodile park Davao

Located in Corporate City Diversion Highway in Davao City, the park was started in 1995 by a certain Mr. Philip Dizon, who is an enthusiast of freshwater and saltwater crocodiles. The star of the park before was Lolong, the biggest crocodile in the world with a measurement of 6.21 meters or 21 feet long, but due to complications of pneumonia and a cardiac arrest, he passed away last February 2013. Many tourists think that because the star of the park is gone, the crocodile park is not worth to visit anymore, but the truth is it’s not. Aside from breeding different types of crocodiles within the premises, the park also serves as a mini-zoo with different animals that is worth seeing face to face.

After paying the entrance fee of 250php, the first thing that you will see is a small area where rabbits and iguanas walk freely and the fun part is you can also walk with them since they are not in a cage. But be aware that you cannot touch these animals since they can be sensitive and for your own safety as well.  Also near the entrance are two cages which contains two big orangutans which you can observe and take fotos of while they’re busy playing and swinging from one bar to another. 

Crocodile park Davao Orangutan

A further walk and you will see more animals like different species of birds namely peacocks, pigeons, eagles and bigger ones like deer and a separate ostrich farm. Big cages of crocodiles are labelled depending on their size and age, like baby crocodiles are in one area while middle aged ones are also separated.

Crocodile park Davao Owl

There is also an area where you can have fotos taken with their animals in the zoo, for example a cuckatoo bird or sometimes an albino python. A souvenir shop is located right before the exit for materials made of crocodile skin like wallets and belts,  but be aware that the prices of these items can be very steep.

The park is open everyday from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm. There are shows held within the park and you may visit the park’s website Crocodile center for the precise schedule.