People's Park Davao

People's park in the center of Davao is a Cultural theme park where locals relax and several events are organised throughout the year. The 4-hectare park was opened in December 2007 and is the brainchild of Davao’s former Mayor Rodrigo Duterte.  In the park are several large sculptures,  playgrounds and a forested area with a waterfall.  In the evening lots of joggers head to People´s park to work out on the promenade, a well-lit and paved oval race track.

People's Park Durian Dome

Upon entering People’s park you will immediately notice the Durian Dome with its spiky dome roof that resembles the shell of Davaos' most famous fruit. The Dome serves as the visitor center and displays several works  from local artists.

People's Park

At the exit of the park are a few stands selling plants and local fruits. The Davao Tourist center showcasing and selling locally made weavings, woodwork and other artwork is located right from the exit. 

People's park is just a 10 minutes' walk away from the Marco Polo hotel and entrance is free. Security is tight and everybody is checked by security guards before allowed entering the park. The park opens in the afternoon until the early evening.