Activities Baguio

Workshop Tam Awan village 

Regular Art Workshops like painting and woodcarving are organized in the Tam Awan village. To participate you need to make arrangement with one of the in-house artists in advance. Contact details can be found on the website: To get there take a jeepney from the Public market to Tam Awan - La Trinidad. You can also visit the strawberry fields in La Trinidad a short distance past Tam Awan Village if you don't get out off the jeepney in Tam Awan.

Language course 

Lots of Korean students flock every year to Baguio to follow English courses. The American institute has a branch in Baguio and offers a wide range of English classes.  Courses start at P6000 for 40 hours tuition. Website:

Swim in the hot springs 

In the town of Tuba, on an altitude 1000 meter lower then Baguio and located 15 kilometers south-west of Baguio  are a number of sulfur hot springs. A couple of resorts have canalized the hot water to their pools and provide eating and accommodation facilities. Resorts include Palm Grove Hot Springs and the Riverview Water Park. Both are charging a 100 peso entrance fee to their pools if you are not staying with them. From Baguio take a jeepney heading to the Asin Hot springs from the Public Market. The trip takes about an hour and will cost around 25 Peso.


There are two golf courses in Baguio. The exclusive Baguio Country Club (BCC) has an 18 hole par 61 golf course and the FIL-AM amateur golf event is being played here.  Hotel guests of the BCC can use the golf course for a fee. The other golf course is located on Camp John Hay and offers a great 18 hole par 69 course. You have to stay in the Camp John Hay hotel or being accompanied by a member to play on the course.

Horse or pony back riding 

Horses and ponies with pink dyed hair are for rent in Wright Park in front of the mansion. The owners are reluctant to let the horses leave the park.  But with some persuasion rides to Mines Park are possible. Be sure to agree on the price upfront.

Boat ride or cycle in Burnham Park 

Another popular attraction is to hire a pedal or rowing boat in Burnham Park. The pedal boats are available in all kind of shapes. Bikes are also available for rent by the hour and are not allowed to leave Burnham Park. There seem to be no fixed prices, so agree on the price upfront and prepare for some haggling.

Paintballing and Rappelling  

The Paintpall Republic in Camp Johan Hay located on the end of the ECO-Trail across the restaurant "The Filing Station" boasts a range of outdoor sports.

Jogging and hiking 

There are some excellent trails in Camp John Hay providing relief from the fumes of downtown Baguio. The Eco-Trail is well marked and passes by the butterfly sanctuary and provides a good work out to runners. The History-trail can be easily walked in 45 minutes and has several markers explaining the history of the park and passes by the Manor and the Bell house.  Entrance to most of the park is free and so are the trails. 

Strawberry picking in La Trinidad, Benguet

Although not exactly located within Baguio City, most tourists make this destination a side trip when they go to Baguio since its only 25 to 30 minutes away from the crowded city. If you are commuting, cabs are willing to take you there for an agreed price but if you are on a budget, there are also jeepneys plying that route and the terminal is located just outside the city hall and look for the jeepney with the sign "Buyagan".

As the name of the activity says, this is all about strawberry picking. Amateur pickers (even small kids) can get a chance in picking their own fresh strawberries from the farm. You may think that picking your own strawberries might cost cheaper but it is not. A small box which you freshly handpicked will cost you 350php while on the market it only costs around 170php per kilo. But don't let the price difference hinder you from trying this activity because it is the experience that you are actually paying for and also to have a glimpse of the farm life. Best time to do this activity is within the summer month of March.