Highlights Baguio

Camp John Hay 

The 247-hectares camp set within pine tree forest was originally build by the Americans as a rest and recreation facility for their military personnel and later converted into a tourist resort. Baguio's largest hotel, The Manor, is located on the park and features a restaurant and bar. Twenty percent of the camp's area is used by the superb 18-hole, par-69 golf course which can only be played by guests when accompanied by a member or by guests of the Manor Hotel. On its grounds are also some tourist shops, which were heavy discounting their goods during our visit.  There are several trails on the park good for running or walking in clean air, far away from the fumes of downtown Baguio. Website: http://www.campjohnhay.com.ph/

Tam-awan Village 

North-west of Baguio are10 traditional Ifugao houses reconstructed. The small wooden houses provide an insight into the live of the Ifugao tribe and were built in 1996. A viewpoint in the park provides great views of the surroundings and on a clear day you can see as far as the coastal zone. The park offers various workshops and also the opportunity to spend the night in one of the huts.

Mines View Park 

From the Mines View Park you have a nice view of the once mining area of Benguet. In the park you can be dressed up like a native including spear and shield. Various souvenir stalls sell indigenous crafts, silverware and local fruits and vegetables.

Balatoc Mines

If you ever wanted to blast and drill holes in an abandoned mine using real dynamite and drilling machines then this is your chance.

Balatoc mines

Several times a day tunnel tours are organized, where you will experience yourself the hardship the workers had to endure to mine the precious gold. The mines are no longer in use these days, but some of the old drilling tools are on display and available for trying by visitors.  The tour literally ends with a big bang as one of the former miner blasts a piece of rock with a small amount of dynamite.