Local transport Baguio

Even if you don't have car, getting around Baguio through public transportation is very easy. Like anywhere else in the Philippines, the most common and cheapest mode of transportation here is the jeepney. Jeepneys have different fixed routes and you just need to find the right one which will pass the direction you're heading to. Most of them can be found along the city center and usually there's a terminal located within the prime spots of the city like Mines View Park and SM Baguio. 

The second most popular mode of transportation within the city is the taxi. Taxis abound here but not airconditioned like the ones in Manila, mainly because the climate in Baguio is cooler compared to Manila. Because of the fact that it doesn't have an airconditioning, the flag down rate for a taxi here is way cheaper than in Manila and they also have lower meter charges. Also, Baguio taxi drivers usually don't charge fixed rates but hence uses the meter all the time and will give you the exact change. Most of them are parked within bus terminals or just anywhere within the city.

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