Shopping Baguio

The whole stretch of Session Road is the busiest area in this city. Here, you can find a variety of shops and restaurants and well of course SM City Baguio. This shopping mall which was built last 2003 is located on the upper session road and is the only SM Mall in the Philippines which doesn't have an airconditioning due to Baguio's cool climate. It has also has a different architecture compared to other SM Malls because it has a balcony on every floor wherein shoppers can have a great view of Baguio City while enjoying the fresh air. SM Baguio houses a department store, cinema, supermarket, appliance center, a variety of cafe and restaurants and a lot of different shops that will cater to your needs while staying within the city.baguio pasalubongs

A few more minutes walk and at the base of Session Road in Magsaysay Avenue and near Burnham Park is the Baguio City Market. A lot of locals and tourists flock in this area because it is where you can find most of the good deals in Baguio. No need to worry as the place is clean, sells cheap goods and you can find almost anything here from specialty food items like Lengua de Gato (translated as cat's tongue in Spanish) which is basically a tasty butter biscuit, choco flakes and peanut brittle. You can also find fresh fruits and vegetables here. Souvenirs like keychains, shirt and wood carvings like the famous barrelman can also be found in this area.

Mines View Park, wherein one can get a great view of the Cordillera region has also lots of souvenir shops lined up in one location. Like the Baguio City Market, prices of the goods here are definitely affordable and definitely not tourist traps. The shops here have standard prices but yet you can still haggle for a few pesos off if you're buying a bit more from the same shop.

For the best Ube and Strawberry Jam and Baguio's famous peanut brittle, head to Good Shepherd's Convent on Gibraltar Road which is just right beside Mines View Park. A lot of Baguio visitors never fail to stop by this area when visiting the city as the Good Shepherd sisters makes the best delicacies Baguio has to offer. Aside from Ube jam, strawberry jam and peanut brittle, they now expanded their product line and now sells guava and mango jam, orange marmalade, cashew brittle, sampaloc candies, strawberry-calamansi juice and homemade ice cream.

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