Things to see Baguio


BenCab Museum

The museum was founded by Filipino born artist Benedicto Reyes Cabrera or BenCab and showcases the highlights of his outstanding drawings, paintings and sculptures. The museum also houses a vast collection of indigenous art by local artists from the Cordillera region, including basketry, weaving and woodcarving. A bonus of the museum is the attached garden and farm where vegetables are grown organically and native architecture is showcased.  The attached restaurant  uses fresh ingredients from the farm in their dishes. To get there take a jeepney from the terminal to Asin and ask the driver to drop you off at the BenCaB museum. Admission to the museum is P100. Open daily except on Mondays from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM. Website:

Butterfly sanctuary at Camp John Hay

Around the little Mermaid Garden in Camp John Hay is a lovely butterfly sanctuary The knowledgeable caretaker gives tours around the sanctuary and gives an insight to the lifecycle of butterfly.  The sanctuary is located along the Eco-trail, nearby the conference center .Admission is 50php.  

Orchidarium at Burnham park

Inside Burnharm park is the Orchidarium with shops selling and displaying a wide range of orchids and other plants that drive well in a temperate climate. It is a nice place to escape for a while the huzzle and buzzle from the city. Prices for plants start as low as P 25. Entrance is free.

Balatoc Mines

When the gold deposits started to dry up, the Balatoc mines started guided tours. Highlight of the trip is a short train ride in the tunnel where you have the chance to use an original mining drill. After a short introduction about the usage of explosion, a former miner will actually blast a piece of rock. The experience of the shockwave and dust clouds coming your way is exhilarating. The tour ends in a small museum. The whole tour takes around 1.5 hour and costs P 250. The Balatoc mines are open from 9 am to 2 pm and located 30 minutes from Baguio. Easiest way to get there is rent a taxi for a half day (P500) which will bring you there and wait outside the gate for your return journey.

Bell Church

On the outskirts of Baguio on the way to the provincial capital of La Trinidad is a Chinese temple known as the Bell Church. After entering through the main gate you will find yourself in a nicely landscaped garden. There is a lavishly decorated,  brightly painted pagoda and temple as well as some Buddhist artifacts. Take a jeepney from the central market heading to La Trinidad and ask the driver to drop you off at the main gate, which is easily spotted from the road. 

Baguio Cathedral

This rose painted landmark with spin spires topped with minarets is located on a hill along Session road. From Session road, a steep concrete stairway lined with vendors lead to the cathedral. The church can be reached by car via the road behind the post office. During WW II the cathedral served as a shelter and withstood Japanese carpet bombing, saving the lives of thousands of refugees. 

Easter weaving room

The Easter weaving room is a school and attached shop, producing intricately woven Igorot textiles.You can see the weavers producing a whole range of products from table lines to traditional skirts. Pricing are relatively high, but so is the quality of the fabrics.  The store is located on Eastern Road about 1.5 kilometers to the north-west of Burnharm park. Website:

Woodcarvers village

The woodcarving village on Asin Road hosts a large number of woodcarving workshops with a wide variety of woodcarvings made by Ifugaos.  It is a good place to buy souvenirs or wooden household products.  To get there take a jeepney to Asin Hot Springs, the village is located 20 minutes away from the jeepney terminal in Baguio.

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