Attractions Banaue

Rice terraces

Banaue rice terraces are a 10 minute tricycle ride from town or 30 minutes walk to viewpoint. - lined with souvenir vendors. There are a number of viewpoints in Banaue. One of the best places to get a view of the rice terraces is at the Aguian viewpoint. It's a 10 minute tricycle ride from town on the way to Bontoc. Souvenir shops have sprung up around the viewpoint. The Dayanara Viewpoint named after former Miss Universe Dayanara Torres who did a photo shoot for the beauty pageant held in Manila in 1994 also provides stunning views of the terraces.

Batad rice terraces

16 kilometer from Banaue, situated in a valley, is the small village of Batad surrounded by high mountains with rice terraces on it's slopes. You can take a jeepney from the Banaue market for the first 12 kilometers, but you have to hike the remaining distance via a steep, well marked trail. The village is still not very touristic and has a couple of guesthouses offering basic accommodations. In Batad, is the almost 30 meter tall Tappia waterfall that cascades down in a gigantic basin.

hiking Batad

From Banaue popular 2-day trips are organized and they are recommended if you want to experience the unspoilt countryside life.Equally impressive rice terraces are located in Banga-an, a village 2 kilometers before Batad and near the village of Hapao 16 kilometers northwest of Banaue.

Tam-an Village

Behind the Banaue hotel and hostel steep steps lead down to Tam-an village, where hurds of vendors are trying to sell locally produced souvenirs. Authorities market the place as an authentic Ifugao village, but it is a rather depressing sight.

Museum Banaue - in Banaue View Inn.

This museum was founded by American anthropologist Dr. Otley Beyer who studied the Ifuago culture and eventually married an Ifuago women. His descendants nowadays run the place and it has an interesting range of artificats showcasing Ifugao culture, ranging from baskets to pottery and weavings. Also on display are books written by the doctor and some of his photographs. The Museum is located inside the Banaue View inn and opens on request.

Museum of cordillera sculpture

Established some 30 years ago by horticulturist George Schenk and his wife Ida Schenk as a small antique store in Manila and grown into a museum with an extensive Ifugao artifacts collection. Currently, the museum houses a collection of over 1000 objects, including a wide selection of woodcarvings,  textiles and stone sculptures. The museum is located next to Spring Village Inn and is open from 8 am to 5 pm. Admission fee is 100php. Website: