Eating & Drinking Banaue

Most of the best lodges in Banaue also have the best restaurants in town and so this chapter will help you decide where to eat and drink in this quiet town. It is also advised to have your dinner before 9pm as most kitchens and cafes close by 9pm.

Sanafe Lodge and Restaurant - Among all the restaurants in Banaue, Sanafe's is the best-looking although some people might not find it the best tasting in town. Although the food is a bit disappointing, this is the best place for drinking because of their big viewing deck and bar stools facing straight at the terraces. Recommended is their selection of pasta.

People's Lodge and Restaurant - For your eating and viewing pleasure, this place is highly recommended. Not only do they provide great views of the terraces for their diners but also great food. They have a wide variety of food available for breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as light sandwiches and snacks. For breakfast, try their banana-filled pancakes which are reasonably priced at 60php. Sandwiches cost 45php and must-try is their People's Rice which consists of asparagus soup, brown rice, chopsuey, a slice of chicken plus a banana for dessert and costs 100php. 

Uyami's Green View Lodge - Aside from being the most popular lodge in town, Uyami's onsite restaurant if often bustling with customers because of its good food and excellent service. Unlike Sanafe and People's Lodge, Uyami's Restaurant doesn't have a straight view of the terraces because there is no verandah so guests can just enjoy the view by looking through the window. For 50php you can have a sauteed leafy vegetable dish and for 110php you can have a meal consisting of a rice and a local dish called Tinolang Manok, which is basically a chicken with green vegetables in a ginger soup.

Banaue Hotel Restaurant - Banaue Hotel offers its guest complimentary buffet breakfast that can be taken at their restaurant and with great views of the terraces. They also serve decent wines, steaks and a variety of continental dishes. Cultural shows are also held depending on the schedule. 

 Las Vegas - Located just a few meters away from the Banaue Tourist Center is Las Vegas Cafe, which is also one of the very few restaurants in town which stays open later than 9pm. Family-owned and operated, this restaurant offers breakfast, lunch and dinner and also has local beer available. Must-try is their version of Pork and Chicken Adobo and Fruit Pancakes.

Friends Country Music Bar - Located on the ridge north of Banaue Hotel, Friends Country Music Bar is  a favorite local hang-out which features live acoustic performances from local bands and best enjoyed with a cold bottle of beer. Like other bar and restaurants within the town, this bar is only open until 10pm.

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