Shopping Banaue

The Ifugaos, which is the native people of Banaue are very well-known for their woodcarvings and basketry. Their crafts and carving are available almost everywhere within the town but the most popular woodcarving is of the bulol or rice-guard. These pieces are made of wood which are well crafted and aged and can stand out in most collection of primitive art. If you look even better, traditional items like wooden chests, chairs and door panels can be found. Montana and Tex, shops which are located near the plaza have the best selection of wood carvings but there also workshops on the main road heading to Bocos where you can also find great deals.

Woven basket is also a tourist item and like the woodcarvings, can be found almost anywhere since lately its been mass-produced which unfortunately, also lessens the quality and value of the products. But if you really want those traditional baskets and intricate woodcarvings, it is better to visit the underlying villages where they still practice traditional weaving and woodcarving.