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Diving & Snorkeling

Many travellers come to Bohol to explore the pristine underwater world located a short boat ride from Bohol. The best dive sites are around the Island of Balicasag, 6 km west of Panlao and Pamilacan island, 20 kilometers south east of Panlao. Snorkeling on the shallow reefs  is also excellent around this island.

Cabilao dive site

Between February and April whale sharks and bryde's whales are breeding in the sea off the coast of Pamilcan island and snorkeling tours are available from Bohol. Snorkeling and swimming with these animals is an awesome experience and should not be missed.  Most tour operators employ former fishers as spotters to increase the chance of encountering these gentle giants of the sea.

River cruise

Floating restaurants cruising up and down a stretch of the Loboc river are popular with local tourist and provide a meal and nice views of the jungle and some waterfalls while listening to some good oldie songs from huge speakers. The river cruise is usually included in day tour around the island and provides a relaxing break.

Loboc river cruise

The cruise starts in the town of Loboc, 25 kilometers from Tagbilaran. Buses bound for Loboc leave regularly from the Dao bus terminal. Ask the driver to drop you off at the Loboc river cruise terminal.

Hinagdanan Cave

Close to Tagbilaran is this Karst cave made into a tourist attraction with lots of souvenir shops and eateries. A steep cement stairway leads you down to the chamber of the cave. Rays of light penetrating through holes in the caves ceiling, combined with some artificial lightning, shine on  numerous stalactites and stalagmite formations created by time and water. Part of the cave is filled with water, creating a deep dark lagoon in which you can swim. The water quality is however questionable, so staying out might be a better idea.  The cave is located near the town of Dauis on Panglao, some 10 kilometer west of Tagbilaran.

Danao Adventure Park

In the interior of Bohol is the Danao Adventure Park located in the town with the same name. The park boasts a 460 meter zipline suspended between two towers standing on hills. It takes only a minute or so to soar over the valley between the two towers, but it's an exhilarating experience. Another adrenaline kicking adventure is " The Plunge" where you are swinging on a pendulum above a canyon on a 70 meter long cable. This attraction is certainly not for the faint hearted! There are a whole range of other outdoor activities, like caving, climbing and also some more relaxing adventures, like kayaking and visiting the organic farm.  Half and whole day tour packages for parties with 5 people of more, including a variety of activities are offered by the park.  Public transport to the park is limited. Busses to Danoa leave every 2 hours from the Dao bus terminal in Tagbilaran and take about 2 hours to complete the 75 kilometer journey. Alternatively take a bus to Tubigon and from there a tricycle to Danao.  For 750 pesos the tricycle will wait for you and take you back to Tubigon. 


Both sea and river kayaking is gaining popularity in Bohol. Danoa adventure park (above) offers scenic river kayaking trips on the Wahig river. Another option is to go kayaking on the Abatan river in the town of Maribojoc, 15 kilometers north of Tagbilaran. During night/ evening trips fireflies lit up the skies and are an impressive sight. Contact Abatan Kayak Rowers (+63909/ 222 3589) in Maribojoc for more information. Several resorts are renting out Kayaks on Alona beach. Amongst them is the Alona Palm beach resort .

Trek the falls of Mag-Aso and Kinahugan

Mag-Aso Falls is one of Bohol's major tourist spot and is located at Barrio Mag-Aso in the town of Antequera in Bohol. It is around 20 kilometers away from the capital city of Tagbilaran and a bit out of the way from other tourist attractions like Chocolate Hills, Loboc River and the tarsier viewing area. Because of it's location, most tour operators don't include these in their packages. If you want to avoid the overcharged prices of the tour agencies, you may take public transportation like bus, jeepney and tricycle to get you there. 

Visit the other beaches of Panglao Island like Bolod, Bikini and Doljo Beach

Aside from the popular Alona Beach, which is a stretch of 800 meters of fine, powdery- white sand similar to Boracay's, Bohol also has several less popular beaches which you can visit. Situated on the southern part of Panglao Island is Bolod Beach. It is located at Barangay Bolod and the beach itself has a one and a half km stretch of white sand which is considered as the largest shoreline within the area. 

Another must visit beach is Bikini Beach which is located around 8 kilometers from the city of Tagbilaran and is more popular with tourists who just wants to relax and have a picnic in the area. And lastly, Doljo Beach (pronounced as Dolho), located on the northwestern part of Panglao, which is know for the exquisite seashells that can be found here.

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