Getting to Bohol

By air

The airports of the city of Cebu and Tagbilaran are the nearest to Bohol and have several daily flights to other parts of the country. The airport of Cebu is served by a good number of international and domestic airlines.

  • For Cebu Pacific the airport is a major hub in their network. Direct international flight to Singapore and Hong Kong, incheon and Pusan in South Korea. Multiple daily flights to Manila and other major cities, including Caticlan (for Boracay) in the Philippines.
  • Air Asia (formerly known as Zest Air) is operating the domestic route to Manila and is linking Cebu to Seoul and Shanghai.
  • Philippine Airlines, is operating a network of routes between Cebu and other Philippine destinations such as Caticlan, Tacloban, Cagayan de Oro and Manila. Their budget sister airline Flypalexpress, also have direct flights from Manila to Cebu or Tagbilaran.
  • Other international airlines with flights to Cebu are Cathay Pacific Airways with regular flights from Hong Kong, Korean Air flying daily from Seoul, Silk Air from Singapore and Qatar Airways with 3 flights a week from Doha.

The Airport of Cebu is located on Mactan Island in front of the city of Cebu and you will have to take a taxi to get to the harbour in Cebu. SuperCat Ferry has multiple daily ferries to Tagbilaran from pier 1 a short distance from Fort San Pedro. The trip takes about two hours and tickets prices are around 500 peso for a single trip. 

The small airport of Tagbilaran is a stone's throw away from the city center but offers no international connections and ticket prices are usually higher then of similar flights to Cebu. The following airlines have regular flights to Tagbilaran.

  • AirAsia has daily flights from Manila to Tagbilaran.
  • Cebu Pacific flies twice a day from Manila and also offers regulars flights to Cebu. 
  • Flypalexpress flies daily the route between Manila and Tagbilaran
  • Philippine Airlines has multiple flights per day from Manila.

On the airport you will be awaited by taxi drivers that can take you to any part of Bohol. Expect to pay about 500 peso for the 30 minutes ride to Panglao Island.

By boat

If time is not an issue superferry weekly plies the route between Manila and Tagbilaran. The ferry departs from Manila on Monday evening and arriving Tuesday evening in Tagbilaran. Fair prices for very basic and cramped economy class lodging can be as cheap as 750 peso including meals. Recommended but still simple shared cabins start at 1200 peso. There are also several ferry operators offering fast ferry services on a regular basis from Cebu City port to Tagbilaran port in Bohol. Companies like Weesam, 2go and Oceanjet operate this route and travel time takes around 2 hours. It is better to get your tickets in advance especially during the peak season to get good seats.