Highlights Bohol

Bohol is most famous for its photogenic Chocolate Hills. They get their chocolate brown color during the dry season when the grass covering the hills dries up. They are many myths about the origin of the cone shaped hills, but the scientific explanation is that hills are eroded limestone rocks that have been covered by a layer of dirt.

The waters surrounding Bohol harbour a large diversity of sea life and largely untouched coral reefs. The best dive sites are located around the small Balicasag island a 45-minutes boat ride away from Panglao Island.  The coral reefs start here right on shore which makes this an ideal destination for snorkelers.

philippine tarsier

Tarsiers, one of the World's smallest primates, inhabit the island of Bohol. These shy creatures with bulging eyes and long fingers and toes are kept in an inappropriate way in cages next to the Loboc river. This "zoo" is usually included in one of the day tours. To see the Tarsiers in their natural habitat, it's better to visit the grounds of the Philippine Tarsier Foundation. Website: http://www.philippinetarsier.org/.


Bohol has a couple of old Spanish churches worth paying a visit. The Church of our lady of the immaculate Conception in Baclayon is one of the oldest and best preserved Jesuit build churches in the Philippines. The church is surrounded by a number of 19th century buildings constructed by the Augustinian Recollects. The lack of maintenance gives the place a medieval feeling and makes some of the under laying coral blocks visible.  The Church of San Pedro in Lobic is the second oldest church in Bohol and in slightly better shape. Aside from the church itself there are an octagonal shaped bell tower, three storey convent, and a mortuary chapel. Inside the Church are decoratively painted ceilings and a well preserved pipe organ.

Dinner cruises are popular on the Loboc river and give you an hour or two of rest while eating some mediocre quality food. The trip takes about 1,5 hour and on the way you will see some lush tropical jungle, waterfalls and pass the caged Tarsiers. The boats stop for a dance performance by schoolchildren before returning to the point of embarkation.