Local transport Bohol

Getting around Bohol won't be that hard even for the non-seasoned traveler mainly because of the wide availability of different transportation options. There are buses, vans or v-hires (also referred to as minibus), jeepneys, tricycles, habal-habal motorbikes and taxis available within the island on a daily basis. The Dao Integrated Terminal, which is the main terminal for major transportation modes like buses,v-hires and jeepneys can be found in Tagbilaran City. The vehicle has first to be filled up with passengers before it gets to leave but if the vehicle is not yet fully loaded but the time is up, they have to leave and give way to the others.

V-hires/Vans/Minibus -These vehicles are available mostly in major towns of Bohol and their terminal is located in Tagbilaran City which is the Dao Integrated Terminal. They have designated fixed routes and charges depend on the distance and route. These vans have to be fully packed before they leave so it is also necessary to have a lot of time and patience if you decide to board these.

Bus -There are 2 major bus lines in Bohol namely Veloso lines and Saint Jude. These buses pass the interior and eastern roads of Bohol and have different routes as well. Buses can be ordinary or airconditioned and accepts group and scheduled tours on an hourly or daily basis.

Jeepneys -Like everywhere else in the Philippines, jeepneys are widely available in Bohol. They have a fixed flagdown rate but can cost you a bit more for a longer route. Most of the jeepneys can be found in the terminal but if you see one on the road, you can just hop on and go down on your destination.

Tricycles/Motorbikes/Habal-Habal -These vehicles are a common sight in the barrios or remote areas where jeepneys and buses cannot pass and suitable for short distance travels. It is basically a rickshaw attached to a motorcycle and can accommodate up to 6 people. Tricycles can also be rented out for an hourly rate if you want to go for a bit of sightseeing from one town to another.

Taxi -The taxis in Bohol can usually be found near the terminal, ferry and the airport in Tagbilaran City but can be very few compared to Manila and Cebu. All the taxis here are airconditioned and can be chartered for your sightseeing tours around Bohol. The rates for a chartered taxi depend on the price the driver and the passenger have agreed upon. Expect to pay around 400 Php for a one-way taxi ride from the Tagbilaran ferry port to Panglao.