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banana boat

If you are tired of sun tanning, endless shopping or indulging yourself in culinary adventures, Boracay provides lots of activities for watersport enthusiasts wanting to enjoy the crystal clear waters surrounding the island.


The sea around Boracay is teeming with marine life waiting to be discovered by divers from all around the globe. If you are not a diver yet, there are uncountable dive operators who will give u course in a couple of days. Open water courses start around 240 USD, while fun dives usually go for 25 USD for a single dive or 100 USD for 5 dives. Most popular dive site is Yapak at the northern tip of the island. There are actually 4 Yapaks named 1, 2, 3 or 4. They are connecting a reef wall starting at 30 meters depth and dropping to 60 meters. Currents can be strong here and this sight should only be dived if you are an experienced diver. Read more about diving in Boracay and in the Philippines in our diving special.

Helmet Diving

If you are afraid of scuba diving but still want to explore the ocean floor, then this activity is for you. With a price of 1,000php per person or approximately 25 USD, helmet diving, as its name says, is diving while wearing a helmet with glass plates, thus no hassle with different kinds of equipments. This helmet is the one helping you to breathe comfortably underwater and enjoy the colorful fishes. A boat takes you to the middle of the ocean and then the participant wears the helmet and walks down a ladder until reaching the sea bed, which is around 10 feet below the surface.

Banana Boat and Flyfish

These 2 water activities are popular among group tourists because it's fun and exciting. Eventhough it's mostly recommended for those traveling in groups, those who are traveling alone or with a partner can also enjoy it. Most of their stalls are located in Station 1 where you can register and pay the amount of 300php per person for the Banana Boat and 800php per person for the Flyfish. For the banana boat, a inimum of 5 persons should be registered before the boat leaves while only 3 is required for the flyfish. All participants are required to use a lifejacket and the trip lasts for 15 minutes.


Bulabog beach

On the eastern side of the island at Bulabog beach are all the windsurfing activities centered. From November until April the north-eastern winds or "amihan" are blowing with an average speeds of 14 to 20 knots. The winds are cross onshore and the protection from by the reef makes this a good place for beginners. For more choppy conditions continue over the reef and get out of the protected lagoon. A 1,5 hour introduction course cost 3000 Php.  If you really want to learn the sport and become an independent kiteboarder you probably need 8 hours (15000 php) or 12 hours (19000 php) of training.  


Aside from windsurfing, Bulabog beach is a popular spot for kiteboarding. During the low season most of the action shifts to White Beach as wind conditions are more favorable there. Beginner’s classes start at around 150 USD for a 4 hours course. The following operators operate during high- and low season:


2-person kayaks can be rented on station 3 on white beach for 12 USD an hour. No prior experience or certification is required and life jackets are provided. It’s also possible to rent a kayak for a whole day for around 30 USD in case you want to paddle around the island (20 Km). 

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