Getting there Boracay

Flights Caticlan

Many visitors come to Boracay via the small airport of Caticlan, which is located a stone's throw away on Panay Island. The landing strip can only accommodate small airplanes and as a result carriers allow 10 kg of check-in luggage. Ticketprices for the route Manila - Caticlan start at 40 USD, if you book early. The small airport has tourist a information boott and is selling combinatian tickets for the tricycle and boot ride to Boracay. At the ferry terminal you still need to pay the terminal fee though. 

Boracay Caticlan Airport

Airlines flying to Caticlan are:

Flights to Kalibo


Instead of flying to Caticlan you can fly usally for less money to the larger airport of the city of Kalibo which is located  2 hours by car away from Caticlan. There are multiple daily flights between Kalibo and Manila and the luggage allowance is 15 kg. Ticket prices to Manila can go as low as 15 USD one way. The following airlines have frequent flights to Kalibo and an online ticket reservation system:

From Kalibo shared airconditioned vans will bring you for 5 USD to Caticlan and from there you can take an outrigger boat to Boracay.

The Nautical Highway

It is possible to travel overland from Manila to Caticlan by using a combination of bus and ferries. Philtranco and Bachelor sell combination tickets which go for 25 USD and travel time is between 12 and 16 hours depending on sea conditions. If you organize it yourself expect to pay about half, but travel time could increase significantly.