Local transport Boracay

Boracay is a tiny island and getting around won't be much of a problem because if you get tired from walking, there are different modes of transportation available. With its powdery white sand and clear blue waters, White Beach, as its name implies, is the center of Boracay's tourist area. It is 4 km. long and divided into three boat stations. Station 1, is the more upmarket area where most boutique-type hotels are located and has the widest beach and sand area. Station 2, is the busiest part of the island and the center of most activities where D'mall,bars,restaurants and bigger hotels are located, and lastly Station 3, is the quieter part of the island where there are lots of small-scale resorts that most of the time offers cheaper accommodation than those with Stations 1 and 2 and is the best location if you want to avoid the crowds.

The White Beach road is a sandy path and motorized vehicles are prohibited in this area. The best way to explore the beach is by walking barefoot like most of the people here do, because the sand is very fine. If you get tired from all the walking but still want to enjoy the scenery of the beach, a pedicab, which is basically a rickshaw is available. Since it is not motorized and works with the pedaling of the driver, it is allowed within the beach area. Pedicabs are usually found at the southern end of the beach and fare prices are from 20 to 40 pesos per passenger. 

trikeOn the other side of White Beach is the main road where you can find lots of tricycles, which is basically a motorcycle attached to a sidecar for passengers. This is most common mode of transport around the island. A special trip with the tricycle, which means you want to be the only passenger in the vehicle will cost you around 50 pesos, but if you wait along the road and ride with the others, the trip will only cost you 10 pesos. You can also charter a tricycle and it usually costs around 150-200 pesos per hour or depending on the price you and the driver agreed about.

Many resorts also offer motorcycle and mountain bike rentals and if you're interested, you may ask the resort where you're staying at. Again, motorcycles are not allowed in the White Beach area and you can only use it on the road. The conditions of the road and driving manners might be different from your country's so it is advised to be extra careful. It is also required to have an international driving license. As for the mountain bike, always make sure to check your brake and pedals to avoid any form of accident. Always keep right and be wary of the tricycles on the road.

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