Shopping Boracay

Besides swimming in the crystal clear waters or sunbathing on the hot tropical sun, the island of Boracay has more to offer in the leisure department specifically in shopping. Shopaholic or not, you will not be disappointed with all the shopping opportunities in Boracay. Although the main shopping stuffs that people buy or look for in Boracay are beach-related stuffs such as swimsuit, trunks, sarong, beach towels, flipflops and sunblock/suntan lotion, you could also find other things like local handicraft, hand painted shirts and mugs and so much more.

Just walking along the beach, you can find numerous beach vendors spreaded around the island. They sell everything from earrings, bracelets, necklaces, bags, keychains and is mostly made from native materials like puka shells, which are abundant specially in the neighboring Puka beach. The prices from these vendors are usually cheaper than the shops but still it is best to haggle and look around first before buying anything as different vendors have different price ranges. 

boracay shoppingLocated in Boat Station 2 and in the middle of everything in White Beach is the main and most popular shopping area in Boracay which is D'Mall. Here, you can find numerous specialty shops from souvenirs to t-shirts and handicrafts. They might be priced a bit higher than the beach vendors or the flea market  because you're paying extra for the location, but still it is reasonably affordable. Forgot your sarong or you think that your beach get-up is not enough? Fret not because D'Mall has lots of shops selling beachwear, beach towels and other beach stuffs just in case you forgot anything. There is also a supermarket and lots of ATM machines in the area should you run out of cash. In case you get hungry with all the shopping or just simply by looking around, there are lots of restaurant to choose from in the area. You can read our dining section for a further explanation of the dining options in Boracay.

A cheaper alternative to D'Mall is . In Tagalog, the word Talipapa means a "small market place." Here, you can also find lots of souvenir items like shirts, hand painted mugs, keychains, native handbags, shell accessories and the likes but at a cheaper price despite the island being a well-known tourist destination.


What's popular in Talipapa is the concept where you can buy here your own guaranteed fresh seafood, also at a cheap price then have it cooked your way in one of the establishments within the area. 

If you are leaning more on the artsy type or just looking for local arts and crafts, then Plazoleta is for you. It is a shopping area located on White Beach right in the middle of Station 2. Some of the items sold in this shop are wood carvings, jewelries, lanterns and a collection of sarongs. Local artists also sell their paintings here. Aside from these, native handwoven bags and other native home furnishings can be found here.

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