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On top of the tallest building in the city - The Crown Regency Cebu - is The Sky Experience Adventure which features the world's first edge coaster and the country's first and only Skywalk Extreme where visitors can walk around the top of the building on a narrow ridge, while attached to a safety harness. For the Edge Coaster, there is a rail carriage at the 38th floor that goes around the edge of the building. You will be seated in a two-person car, of which you can control the tilt yourself. Attached to the place is also restaurant serving buffet meals. Several packages are available combining the attractions and a lunch or dinner buffet. Openinghours: Monday- Friday from 2am to 12am, Saturday from 10am to 2 am and Sunday from 10am to 12am.

Snorkeling & Diving

Diving sites around Cebu don’t rank in the top of The Philippines, but still have plenty of fish and reefs to offer to its visitors. 

Mactan island

The nearest dive sites are off shore Mactan Island and include:

Tambuli: This dive site is Located in front of the Tambuli beach resort and a good place if you are looking for macro-life. Currents vary from moderate to strong and depth ranges between 20 and 35 meter.  A small air plane has been sunk here to attract sea life and is now a habitat for sea cucumbers, mandarin fish, nudibranches and angelfish.

Marigondon: This awesome cave dive site is located just off shore Mactan Island in front of Plantation Bay.  The wall starts at a depth of 12 meter and drops off to 55 meter. The cave has a large entrance with a diameter of 12 meter and starts at a depth of 28 meter. At the entrance of the cave are lion fishes and deeper inside are schools of flash light fishes. Length of the cave is approximately 40 meters. Currents outside the cave can be strong and this dive should only be undertaken by experience divers under the guidance of a local divemaster. Nitrox is highly recommended to extend your bottom time.

Olango Island

The dive sites surrounding Olango Island are in better shape than the ones located near Mactan Island. It takes an hour by banca to get to most sites from Mactan Island.

Tingo: In front of the Northern tip of Olango Island is this wall dive site suitable only for advanced divers. The wall starts at a depth of 25 meter and around 40 meter is a ledge, where thresher and hammerheads sharks are occasionally spotted here. Diving with Nitrox is recommended on this site, to extend your bottom time.

Talima sanctuary: Nearby the Tingo dive site is another wall dive. The coral reef starts at 10 meter and gently descents to 18 meter where it drops off steeply. Currents are moderate to strong, making this a good place for a drift dive. Drifting along effortless you will likely see bat fish, jack fish, clown fish and nudibranches.

Nalusuan: Another site nearby the Olango Island good for novice divers with a depth between 6 and 20 meters. Currents are gentle and visibility is usually good. The hard coral reef is in pristine shape and marine life is abundant and includes big groupers, mackerel and Sting-rays.

Hilutungan: Arguably one of the best dive sites close to Mactan Island – located south of Olango Island. Currents are mild and visibility is good, depth ranges from 10 to 30 meters. The variety of marine life found here varies widely: schools of jackfish and bat fish, barracuda, trivially and more. The site is for divers of all levels and offers plenty of opportunities for photographers.

Dive Safaris to further away dive destination are organized by a number of dive operators: kontiki divers and scotty’s action network: Destinations include the fabulous dive sites in the marine sanctuaries surrounding the Balicasag and Cabilao Island.


There are two golf clubs open to guests located in the vicinity of Cebu City. The 18 holes, par-71 Cebu Country club is right in the center of Cebu City and has a long history dating back to the beginning of the 20th century. The club offers a professional instruction, golf shop, club rentals and has a restaurant and bar. Address: Cebu Country Club, Gov. M Cuenco, Banilad, Telephone +6332 310-345.

Nestled above Cebu City is the Alta Vista Golf and Country Club, a short 18 hole par 72 mountainous golf course. On a clear day views are stunning and you can see as far as Bohol. Non members who want to use the course are required to register in advance. Address: Aznar Road, Pardo Hills, Cebu City.  Telephone: +6332 272-7971, email: [email protected].


The southwest part of Olango island was declared a wildlife Sanctuary in 1992, covering an wetland of 1000 hectares and is an important resting and refueling place for migrating birds. Some 48 species of birds migrate every year between July and November from North Asian countries to Olango island. Some of the birds overwinter here, others migrate after refueling on the tidal flats, further south to Australia and New Zealand.  From February to April birds are migrating back to their northern breathing grounds and again use the island as resting and refueling place.  In total almost 100 species of birds are here, including Plovers, Sandpipers, Asiatic Dowitchers and the endangered Chinese Egret. To get there you will have to take a Bangka from Angasil Pier at Mactan Island (close to the Shangri La Resort) to the Santa Rosa Wharf at Olango island, from where you have to rent a tricycle (50 php) to the Sanctuary. You will have to pay 20 php entrance fee to the park management, which also rents out Binoculars and can provide guided tours. For an alternative option, you can book a tour from Cebu with Cebu cruising and everything will be arranged for you.