Local transport Cebu

Locally referred to as the Queen City of the South, Cebu is a fast-paced, highly populated and urbanized city just like Manila. It has one of the busiest airports on the country and the gateway to Visayas and therefore also requires a variety of local transportation for one to get around and enjoy the city. Getting around Cebu is very easy especially with the wide availability of taxicabs, jeepneys, buses and tricycles. 

Metered Taxis are the most popular and easiest way to get around the city. Just like anywhere in the country, make sure that the driver uses his meter and if not insist it to him but if he still won't listen then it's better to get out and hail another one since taxis are widely available in the city. The flagdown rate for a taxi in Cebu is the same as in Manila which is 40php and 3.50php for every succeeding kilometer. Avoid private taxis or those arranged by hotels especially if you're in the budget as they overcharge as much as 10x the regular taxi rate. 

Bus station Ayala Mall Cebu

If you want to travel like a local and are a bit adventurous, you can also try the colorful jeepneys which is the most popular and cheapest mode of transportation in the whole country. Ask around the locals on what jeepney route to take since jeepneys have different fixed routes but is usually available round the clock. Jeepney fares still depends on the distance but is usually not more than 10php. Buses are also available but is not advisable for tourists since it has a limited coverage and only goes from the main terminal to south route.