Cebu Travel Guide

Cebu is the name for an island, the metropolitan area on the island as well as the city within the metropolitan area. The island of Cebu is located about 600 kilometers south of Manila and is 600 kilometers long and 40 kilometer wide at its tickets point. Cebu metropolitan area located on the eastern shores of Cebu island is the second most populous area of the Philippines after Manila with over 2 million inhabitants and includes the cities of Mandaue, Lapu-Lapu and Talisay.

The city of Cebu has a long colonial past and was the first place where the Spanish established a settlement in the Philippines. Today it is an economically important city with booming IT, Call Center and BPO  businesses. Traditionally major furniture manufacturers use the city as a base making use of its large international and domestic port for transportation and the city is still dubbed "The furniture capital of The Philippines". 

Just opposite Cebu City on the island of Mactan is The Philippines second busiest airport which serves as an important hub for domestic airlines and connects Cebu to many international destinations. Mactan is connected by two bridges to Cebu and features the nearest beaches to the city. Although they can't compare to the white powdered beached of Panglao, they are a nice escape from the chaos of the city.


The best time to visit Cebu is in the period from January to March, when temperatures are at its coolest and the least amount of rain falls. Night time temperatures during these months can drop to as low as 18  degrees Celsius in the mountains and 23 degrees Celsius in the lowlands  From April to May temperatures are increasing and sun is shining abundantly.  The most rain in Cebu falls from June to December. An occasional typhoons may hit the island from July until September, but fortunately most never reach the island. The last two typhoons that hit the area and caused great damage was in 2008 and 1990.


There is no shortage of banks and moneychangers in Cebu. Most banks have ATM connected to the international payment network of Cirrus (Mastercard) of Plus (Visa). As elsewhere in the Philippines a 200 php service fee is charged  to guest users.


The bureau of Immigration has a district office in Mandaue City on P. Burgos Street, near the Mandau City hospital. You will be refused entrance if you don’t wear appropriate attire which does not include shorts, sandals and T-shirts. For a 29-day visa extension you will need to bring your passport and two photocopies of it, a return ticket and pay a fee of 3050 Peso. The whole process can be completed within two days.