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The warm crystal clear waters surrounding Puerto Galera are providing ample opportunities for water sports. The diving is superb and affordable here, with most sites being a short bangka ride away from shore. Most of the dive sites are located close to Sabang.

Sabang Wrecks

A few minutes off shore from Sabang are three small wrecks which have been transformed into a small artificial reef full of macro life. Batfishes, butterfly fish, frog fish and schools of squirrel batfish are among the sea life found here. Depth is between 15 and 25 meters. 

West Escarceo

The top of the reef starts in shallow water and drops sharply down to 30 meter. It consists of beautiful table and hard brain corals with plenty of macro life. Currents vary from mild to strong, depending on the tides and can push you towards the Hole in the Wall. On the way you will see large schools of fusiliers and tuna. 

Hole in the wall

Located off Escarceo point is another shallow dive site good for novice divers.  The healthy reef begins at a depth of 10 meter and has plenty of table coral. Visibility is usually excellent, but currents can be strong. After a few drop offs there is 1.5 meter wide hole at a dept of 15 meter. The hole is covered with soft corals, sponges and crinoids and leads down to the Canyons, where large pelagics such as mantas and tunas can be spotted. 

Shark’s cave

White tip sharks are commonly seen on this dive site and are usually resting under ledges between 25 and 30 meter. Aside from sharks, lion fishes, sting rays and moray eels are among the marine life found here. Depth and fierce currents makes this a site for more experienced divers. 

The canyons

This is probably one of the best site to encounter large pelagics. Current can be ferocious and its important to dive on flood tide when the currents are propelling you towards three canyons. Inside the canyons you can hide from the strong currents and can expect to see sweet fish, emperor angelfish and schools of trevallies and barracuda. Maximum depth of 35 meters and the strong currents makes this is a site for experienced divers only.

Halfway between Puerto Galera and Luzon is Verde Island, about an hour by Banka from Puerto Galera. Two notable dive sites are in the waters surrounding Verde island; the washing machine and Verde Island Wall.  The washing machine consists of a series of interconnecting canyons at a depth of maximum 15 meter. During ebb strong currents coming from various directions are running trough these canyons, creating a washing machine effect. Before the currents start its an easy dive, with lots of untouched coral, crinoids and puffer fishes.  Verde Island wall, southeast of the island is one of the best dive sites close to Manila.  You will enter the water south of two rocks sticking out of the water and immediately descent to a depth of maximum 30 meters, because of the strong currents.  On the wall are several crevices where you can hide from the voracious currents.  Visibility is excellent and the wall is teaming with sea life, including sharks, tuna mantra - and eagle rays. 


Single or double sea kayaks can be rented from the yacht club and from several resorts on the beach. Currents are sometimes strong, so it might be a good idea to be accompanied by a knowledgeable guide, to prevent yourself from being pushed towards the open sea. Tour operators have river kayaking tours to the Alag and San Rafael River. You will be brought upstream the river by car and paddle back down for 2-3 hours.  A kayaking trip to the San Rafael river can be combined with a visit to the Tamaraw falls.  


View from Ponderosa Golf Course

This former marble quarry, located a couple of kilometers west of Puerto Galera was transformed into the small 9-hole par 3 Ponderosa Golf course. Nestled at an altitude of 600 meters above sea level, the course provides a birds eye view of Puerto Galera with Verde Island and Batangas visible in the distance on a clear day.  The golf course has a small clubhouse with attached restaurant and is renting out equipment to guests.

Shooting range

The Puerto Galera Shooting Range is offering visitors the possibility of shooting with various  handguns and automatic rifles under the guidance of an instructor. The range located about 1 kilometer west of Puerto Galera and tricycles can take you there from town. Gun rental fees vary, depending on the model, between 1000 php and 1500 and 15-70 php for the ammunition.  


Puerto Galera is a good place to learn or enhance your sailing skills. The Puerto Galera Yacht Club located in town is offering a number of courses in the locally designed and built Lawin sailing dinghy. Three day courses cost 7,000.00 php and experienced sailors can also rent the dinghy per 3 hour for 1,000.00 php. Every Wednesday at 1:00 pm, the club organizes an sailing experience for 450php, where you will experience the fun of sailing together with a seasoned sailor. 

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