PadiThe full range of diving courses are offered by accredited PADI and DSAT dive centers. From entry level training (Open Water diver) up to Dive Master courses are available in all of the major beach destinations. Cheapest open water course can be found in Bohol or Puerto Galera and cost around 350 USD. This will allow you to dive to a maximum depth of 18 meter. Most of the dive sights are between a depth of 10 and 40 meters, so you will probably need an advanced open water training, which will extend your allowed depth to 30 meters. Advanced courses are offered for prices between 250 and 300 USD. Boracay is one of the most expensive places to learn to dive and for fun diving, but it also has many facilities and attractions for non-divers.

Professional training

If you plan to make a living of diving, there are plenty of dive shops offering the entry level dive master course. A dive master course costs around 500 USD (excluding the PADI registration fee) and usually takes between 2 and 4 weeks. This is the first professional PADI certification and gives you access to Instructor Development Courses (IDC). There are fewer operators that are offering IDC’s and prices are steep – starting at 1000 USD, excluding fees you need to pay to PADI. The following operators have regular IDC’s and a good reputation:

Technical diving

Tec Diving Subic

Puerto Galera and Subic are the hotspots for technical diving in The Philippines. All of the DSAT and IANTD diving courses are available, from TEC 40 toTrimix diver. These courses allow you to explore dive sites beyond the recreational depth limit of 40 meter / 130 ft, but also involve more risks as decompression stops are required before surfacing. Prices for courses are high and usually don’t include the advanced breeding gasses, so bring lots of money. Below are two long standing technical dive centers.