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Most of the resorts in Puerto Galera have their own restaurant so finding a place to eat and drink can really be easy. Some resorts also feature a mini-kitchen within the rooms so you can just go to the local market and get some fresh foods to cook. A lot of small grocery shops are also scattered within the area where you can get some quick drinks or snacks to bring to your accommodation or just simply nibble while touring the island. Whatever you choose, Puerto Galera will not run out of options for your dining and drinking needs. Below is a list of restaurants all over the island that can help you choose where to eat and drink.

Luca's Cucina Italiana - Not to miss is this authentic Italian restaurant located in quiet Talipanan Beach and is owned by an Italian man and his Filipina wife. Luca's is famous all over Puerto Galera and even tricycle drivers will recommend you in taking there for a nice and enjoyable meal. The restaurant has an extensive set of menu but a definite must-try are their pizzas and pastas which are reasonably priced at around 400-500php for the pizza and around 150-250php for the pasta. 

Capt'n Greggs Restaurant - Located at the 2nd floor of Capt'n Greggs Dive Resort in Sabang is its very own open-air restaurant. It serves a variety of international cuisines like Mexican, Filipino and Western dishes. It has a nautical-theme and is waterfront which gives it an ideal ambiance for dining. A must-try is their American Breakfast which costs around 290php for a big serving and their nightly barbecues. The restaurant is also famous for their pizza challenge, wherein you are given an hour to finish a 50cm pizza and if you did finish it in an hour, it's for free.

Hemingway Bistro - Situated right on Sabang Beach, Hemingway Bistro is a favorite among tourists and travel writers because of its extensive and tasty menu. The restaurant is named after the famous American writer Ernest Hemingway and the menu list is patterned from the travels made by the writer from Caribbean, Italian to Spanish dishes. Recommended dish is their T-Bone steak (400php) and different kinds of pasta dishes and paella.

Club Mabuhay - Club Mabuhay Restaurant is the onsite restaurant of Club Mabuhay Dive Resort which is formerly called Sabang Mabuhay and located in Small La Laguna Beach.

Sea foodThe restaurant itself is overlooking the beach and has a separate bar area where guests can relax and enjoy the view. It serves breakfast, lunch and dinner and has wide range of menu which features fresh seafood, pasta and other international cuisines. For pasta, try their Spaghetti with Meatballs.

Big Apple - This restaurant is a part of Big Apple Dive Resort which is located in Sabang beach and considered to be one of the favorites since its always packed with guests specially during dinner time. Their menu features a variety of international cuisines like Asian, Indian, American and European dishes. It has a nightly barbeque on the beach where steaks, sausages, ribs and chicken are grilled by their barbeque chef. Specialties include Rib Eye Steak (450php) which is served with baked potato, french fries and chips or rice and sweet corn. Another must-try is their Big Apple's Diver Pizza (320php). 

Full Moon - A highly rated restaurant in Small La Laguna Beach which mixes the best of everything: great food, quick and friendly staff and a good price. Although the restaurant mostly specializes in Australian dishes, it has a wide variety of menu, thanks to its chef who is very well-traveled and studied the cuisines of various countries. Menu prices are very reasonable with dishes costing 300php or less, add to that the great service and the good food. It also has a seafront location which makes it more ideal for diners. A must-try is their Australian-Style Rump Steak and Spicy Seafood Hotpot.

Ciao Italia - By the name itself, Ciao Italia is an Italian style restaurant located in White Beach. It serves tasty and authentic Italian specialties like pizza and pasta at a reasonable price, although some may consider it a bit pricier than the other restaurants within White Beach. It is conveniently located at the western end of White Beach and is beside the Seaview Divers Lodge.

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Coco Point Hotel and Restaurant - This restaurant is Coco Point Hotel's onsite restaurant and is situated in White Beach. It serves Filipino foods like Sinigang which is a sour soup dish and Ginataang Tilapia which is fish cooked with coconut milk. Dishes are reasonably priced with an average price of 150php per dish. They also have a separate non-smoking area for diners who are more health-conscious.

Tropicana Restaurant - Located within Sabang Beach, Tropicana Restaurant can easily be found because it is situated within Tropicana Hotel which is the most recognizable structure in Sabang with its medieval-style castle architecture. It specializes in European and Asian cuisines. The restaurant has an extensive list of menu from soups, salad, appetizer, main course and dessert. For local dishes, highly recommended is their version of Chopsuey and Ginataang Hipon which is shrimp cooked in coconut milk. Other must-try menu items are Crema di Pomodore, Calamares, Cordon Bleu, Insalata di Tono and Zabaione ala Tropicana.

Tamarind Restaurant - The waterfront location of this casual dining restaurant makes it a better place to dine and realx. It is located in Sabang and just opposite Atlantis. It has an extensive set of menu but mostly specializes in Filipino foods but also serves international cuisines like Thai dishes. Recommended dishes are Grilled Shrimp with Mixed Vegetables, Grilled Porkchop and Green Chicken Curry. The price range of the dishes is usually from 150-300php. The restaurant also has bar which opens at nighttime and serves various cocktail drinks like Puerto Galera's own Mindoro Sling. 

Bahay-Pilipino Restaurant - Although the name says Bahay-Pilipino, this restaurant also serves sumptuous international cuisines aside from their Filipino food specialties. It is one of the most popular dining places in Puerto Galera and is located along P.Concepcion street where most land transportation in Puerto Galera passes by so it's easily accessible. The restaurant has a homey ambiance and situated near the sea. For international dishes, a definite must-try are their German and Swiss sausages and Apple Strudel as a dessert. For Filipino foods try their Grilled Squid, Grilled Tilapia, Baked Mussels, Pork Adobo, Sizzling Sisig and Nilagang Baka.

Relax Thai Restaurant - For a taste of authentic Thai cuisine in Sabang, head to Relax Thai Restaurant. The location of the restaurant may not be beachfront but is easily accessible by land within Sabang. It is one of the most popular eateries within the area so finding it would not be difficult. Specialties include Jok, a different kind of rice porridge and a definite must-try if you're visiting for breakfast, Massaman Curry and Gai Pad King. They also have local dishes available which like Pancit and Lomi which also doesn't disappoint. For a budget of 200php and below, diners can already enjoy a filling meal within the restaurant.

The Point - One of the few favorite bars which is located between Sabang and Small La Laguna Beach. Here, a lot of locals and tourists flock and have a drink while enjoying some good music. It is a great place to meet and relax and solo women travelers will not feel awkward hanging out in this place since it's one of the most comfortable bars in Puerto Galera. Although not specifically a restaurant, The Point also has a few menu items to choose from. It is a part of El Galleon Beach Resort and situated above the Asia Divers.

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