Getting There El Nido

By Air

The El Nido Airport can only accommodate small aircrafts thus there's only 2 airline carrier that offer direct Manila to El Nido flights and vice versa. Island Transvoyager Inc/ITI , is the charter airline for El Nido resorts and guests have to book 5 days in advance. For return flights, advanced booking is also required within their General Sales Agent in El Nido Boutique and Art Cafe. You may email them at [email protected] for reservations. ITI offers 3 flights daily from Manila to El Nido.

Airphil express

Southeast Asian Airlines/SEAIR is the other carrier that offers direct Manila to El Nido flights and vice versa, but is only available from December to May. Like ITI, Seair flights must also be booked in advance since their flights are only available three times a week, which is during Monday, Wednesday and Sunday. For both carriers, a 10kg + hand luggage weight restriction is strictly implemented since the aircraft is smaller than the usual. Direct flights to El Nido are also more expensive than regular flights going to Puerto Princesa from Manila, which provides a cheaper alternative in getting to El Nido. Flight duration from Manila to El Nido is approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes.

By Air and Land

As previously mentioned, a cheaper alternative on getting to El Nido is by flying from Manila to Puerto Princesa. Major domestic airlines like Cebu Pacific, Air Philippines Express, Philippine Airlines and Zest Airways, all provide daily flights to and from Manila to Puerto Princesa. Flight duration from Manila to Puerto Princesa and v.v is almost the same as the direct El Nido flight which is 1 hour and 30 minutes.

After arriving at the Puerto Princesa airport, either you take a bus which will take you another 8 hours and costs around 300php one-way, or a shuttle van for another 6 hours and costs around 600php. Buses from Puerto Princesa depart from San Jose Terminal which can be taken through a tricycle from the airport. Buses depart as early as 6:00 am and the last one leaving at 11:00 am.

For airconditioned shuttle vans, you have the option of renting the whole van which will cost you around 12,000php or wait for other passengers and pay only the regular fare of 600php. Currently, there are three shuttle van companies that provide transportation to and from El Nido, namely: Fort Wally (0917-2762875), Eulen Joy (0926 6998700) and Lexus (0917 5859612).