Highlights Davao

Davao is a great destination for outdoor enthusiasts and has a good developed infrastructure providing all kinds of outdoor services. There are a couple of companies offering zip line adventures, including the outdoor adventure company located a few kilometers north from the city center and Camp Saros, a 2 hours drive from Davao. Day trips of rafting on the Davao River are organized by the Davao Wild water adventure. The river has rapids ranging from grade 1 to 3 and navigable by novice rafters.

Hikes to the highest mountain in The Philippines, Mount Apo are organized by the tourist office in of the city. Permits are however difficult to get, so come prepared and plan enough time for the whole process.

In the city, there are a few reminders of the towns colonial past, but as everywhere in The Philippines, the Spanish left behind a cathedral. The cathedral is an interesting mix of Christian and Muslim influences and has been extensively renovated in the last century.

Chinese traders were one of the first ones to arrive on the shores of Davao and these days makeup a notable part of the population. They constructed several Buddhist temples which are open to visitors.