Highlights Puerto Galera

Although the beaches nearby Puerto Galera might not be the best in the country, there are still some worth considering. White beach has a big patch of white sand and a lot of shopping and entertainment options. Sabang has an active and rowdy nightlife, but the beach is very narrow and mostly taken by bangka’s. 

Diving around Puerto Galera is superb and there are numerous dive spots for beginners and more experienced divers. If you don’t have a certification, Padi dive courses are good value. Certified divers can join daily fun dives to nearby dive spots for again reasonable prices, compared to Boracay or Subic. Technical diving (Trimix and advanced Nitrox) is also developing and opens the door to the deep seas. 

Wooden Bridge Talipanan

Don’t expect any big malls in Puerto Galera. Instead the beaches are lined with small shops offering T-shirts, accessories and souvenir items. Villa Natividad in White beach has a large selection of items at lower prices than the beach outlets. 

Further inland are a number of sights that can be visited on day trips from the coast. The Talipanan and larger Tamaraw falls are two popular spots. A visit to the Tamaraw falls can be combined with the Python Cave, which according to locals houses a gigantic Python.  A small number of native tribes villages still exist in the interior and are well worth a visit. They sell locally produced souvenirs and offer guided hikes across the countryside. 

To get a panoramic overview of the coastline of Puerto Galera and further, head to the Ponderosa Golf course, situated 600 meters above sea level. The club is open to non-member and is renting out equipment.