Liveaboard yacht

One of the best ways of enjoying the dive sites of The Philippines is by live aboard. This is also the only option to explore the more remote sites of Tubbataha and Apo Reef. The cruises usually include 4 to 5 dives per day and some of the more luxury boats have Nitrox on board, which is recommended if you take multiple dives per day. Most operators have dive instructors working on their ships, which allows you to take specialty or advanced courses. Seas around The Philippines can be rough year round, so bring Seasickness drugs (antihistamines) if you are prone to problems. Below is a list of reliable liveaboard operators.

Expeditionfleet had the largest fleet with 7 fairly big ships cruising the waters of The Philippines and Palau, but has shut down it operation.

Discovery fleet is a fairly new operator with 2 ships. They are operating a northern route starting in Batangas from December to April. Between April and June their ships cruise across the Tubbataha national park and from October to November they have a route in the Southern Visayas. 

The 40 meter long S/Y Philippine Siren is an ultra luxurious yacht with a beautiful teak wood interior. It 7 sails are powering the yacht along 4 routes: From November to February in Coron and Apo Reef; March until May the ship is in Southern Leyte for diving with Whale sharks; March to June it visits the Tubbataha National Marine park and from June to November it can be found in the waters between Mactan and Cebu. 

The 40 meter long Atlantis Dive resort & liveaboard is offering similar itineraries with the spacious Atlantis Azores cruiser. Nitrox is available on the cruiser and they can support technical diving on request. 

Three to six days dive safaris to Apo Reef, Calamian Islands and Coron are organized by the 40 meter long Dive Calamianes. Their wooden banca has basic bunk style accommodation on top of the deck. Pricing is a notch below other operators at 120 USD per day, including meals and diving.

Another diver operator with a banca is Apo Reef Club located remotely in Calintan Mindoro, some 40 kilometer South East of Apo Reef. Accommodation is again relatively spartan as you will also be sleeping on top of the deck under the stars. 4 days/ 3 nights package including an overnight trip to Apo reef cost 17750 PHP per person if you are with a group of 4 including 5 dives per day and all meals. 

Dolphin Bay resort operates a comfortable catamaran from their resort in Puerto Galera. Scheduled itineraries include Apo Reef, Coron and Tubbataha. Prices are starting at 150 USD per day.