Local transport Davao

The most common and easiest way to get around the city is by taxi which can be found almost everywhere. With the lowest crime rate in the Philippines, taking a taxi in Davao is safer than anywhere else in the country. Flagdown rate is 45php and additional 5php for every succeeding 400 meters. Unlike its counterpart Manila, taxi drivers in Davao are courteous, don't bargain with the passengers and always have coins to give you the exact change even if they know you are a tourist. Davao also has strict rules and regulations so taxi drivers who are taking advantage of their passengers are very rare in the city.

For a cheaper and more adventurous trip, there is always the colorful and flamboyantly decorated Philippine Jeepneys. Like anywhere else in the country, Davao jeepneys have a predetermined route so you have to know the exact place you're heading to and should ask the help of the locals on what jeepney route to take. Minimum jeepney fare costs 8php and additional 2php per succeeding kilometer. For outside the main city streets, or the smaller roads where jeepneys don't usually take, a pedicab or tricycle can also be taken.

Car rental services are also available within the city although not that popular due to the wide availability of taxis. Car rentals are usually being offered by hotels and can be found at the airport. Buses, on the other hand ply the routes from Davao City to the other municipalities within the province.