Local transport Puerto Galera

Puerto Galera is made up of numerous separated islands and the most common mode of transportation used to transfer to another island is by the use of outrigger boats or locally referred to as banca. Aside from boats that are used widely for public transportation, several small boats can be chartered for island-hopping trips or trips to other resorts.


Taxis are non-existent in Puerto Galera but you can arrange a car rental with travel agents beforehand. Next to the banca, jeepneys are the most common mode of transportation within Puerto Galera. You can see a lot of jeepneys plying the roads of Puerto Galera and has trips to nearby cities like Calapan which is also in Oriental Mindoro. But like any other jeepney, the driver makes sure that it is really full before the jeepney leaves. Although public jeepneys are very cheap, getting into one can be really an uncomfortable experience especially if it's a long trip. Jeepneys can also be hired for private trips like sightseeing around the island. There are published rates for private jeepneys posted within several public places so as to protect tourist from being overcharged by the operators.

Tricycles are oftentimes used to get around the small towns within the island. Like the jeepney, tricycles can also be hired on an hourly or daily basis for your sightseeing tours. Be prepared to haggle with the driver over the price. A one-way tricycle trip can cost around 50-100php depending on the distance.

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