Local transport Sagada

Sagada townSagada is a very small town and going around is usually by foot so you will rarely see motorized vehicles going around except for the buses in the town center that ply to Baguio and the jeepneys that go to nearby areas like Banaue and Bontoc. Most of the tourists that come here are hikers so walking is the most common mode to reach a certain destination like the popular Sumaguing Cave which is around 200-300 meters deep. In reaching farther areas though like the Bomod-Ok Falls or otherwise known as Big Falls, you could just inquire at the Tourist Center for a guide and they will provide service vans to take you to the town proper where you will walk your way down to the falls. You can join other groups and split the fee for the service van which costs around 600php for the round-trip tour from the falls and back to the town center.

Never attempt to go to the caves or to the falls alone because aside from getting lost, there's the risk of getting injured or worst, killed as what happened to most tourists who dared. Always have an experienced local to go with you should you visit these places. A list of trustworthy local tour guides can be found at the Tourist Center.