Places to stay Sagada

Sagada is quaint little town within the Cordillera Region in the north so don't expect a lot of amenities inside the accommodations. Finding a place to stay with a good location is easy because pretty much everything is located in the center and are of very good value. Most common bathrooms though don't have hot water but you can purchase it per bucket which costs around 50php.

Residential Lodge 0919 672 8744 [email protected]- A two-storey lodge which is owned and operated by a retired school teacher Ms.Mary Daoas. Rooms here go as low as 200php per person per night for a dormitory type accommodation with a shared bathroom and 250php per night for a private room with a toilet and bath. The lodge has a common area per floor where the guests could watch some TV or interact with other guests from the lodge. They also have a common kitchen where you could freely cook your own food.

St.Joseph's Resthouse  0927 236 0344 [email protected] - Just in front of the tourist center and situated high up in the area overlooking the garden and city center, this is one of the best places to stay in Sagada. It also has 27 rooms and cottages which makes it the largest guesthouse in Sagada. The inn gives you a rustic feeling and the rooms are quite cozy. All the rooms and cottages here have private toilet and bath with hot and cold showers except for their dormitory-type rooms. During the off-season of July to September, all the room rates are reduced by 20%. 

Ganduyan Inn 0921 273 8097 Contact Person: Marina - This inn is composed of two separate buildings which are about 200 meters apart. The old building is one of the oldest inns in Sagada and also houses a museum, souvenir shop and a small cafe located on the ground level where you can get a hearty breakfast of bacon, eggs and freshly brewed coffee. Dormitory-type rooms costs 200php per person per night and with a shared bathroom while private rooms with an own bathroom and hot and cold shower costs 600php. On the hand, the newer building which is called Ganduyan 2 has a total of seven rooms, each with a private and modern toilet and bath with hot and cold showers. Some rooms also have a terrace where you can get a good view of the town. All the rooms here cost 600php per night.

Sagada Guesthouse 0919 300 2763 Contact Person: Veron - Located beside the newly-constructed municipal hall and right in the heart of the town is Sagada Guesthouse. Dormitory-type rooms with shared bathrooms and without hot water are available from 200php to 300php per person per night while a private room which is good for 2-3 persons and with a private bath and hot shower costs 600php per night. There's also a private room with own toilet and bath with hot and cold shower, kitchen and cable TV which costs 1200php per night. They also have a rooftop where you can get a good view of the mountains.

Sagada Homestay 0919 702 8380 [email protected] - This guesthouse is located around 200 meters from the bus stop in the center of the town. Most of the rooms here have a scenic view of the town of Sagada and has competitive rates. All the bathrooms in this guesthouse has hot water even if it's a shared bathroom. For a dormitory-type room with a shared bathroom, they charge 250php per person per night while a private room with own bathroom costs 700php. There is a large kitchen and dining area downstairs where you can cook your own food and can use their kitchen appliances like oven toaster, gas stove etc. although a small donation to cover the cost of the gas would be helpful. They also have a cottage located outside which costs 1500php a night and has 2 bedrooms, private bathroom and a mini-kitchen. 

Canaway Lodge 0918 291 5063 - For the budget minded, this lodge is a recommended place to stay in Sagada as room with private bathrooms and hot and cold shower only costs 250php/person. The rooms are also relatively new, clean and well-maintained which makes it a very good value for its price. This multi-storey building is composed of 5 private rooms wherein each has a private toilet and bath with hot and cold showers while the bigger rooms have a TV and a couch. Rooms on the third level have a private balcony where you can enjoy a great view of the mountains. There is also a common kitchen on the ground floor where guests can cook and they just have to pay a small amount for the gas.

Traveler's Inn 0920 799 2960 [email protected] or [email protected] - This two-storey budget inn provides a homey feeling due to its dark interiors and cabin-like design. Like the other budget inns in Sagada, rooms with shared bathrooms costs 200php/person per night while the room with a private bathroom and hot and cold shower costs 250php/person. There are a total of 14 rooms with a common kitchen located on the second level for guests use. Discounts are given for guests staying for more than 3 days. There is also a souvenir shop which can be found on the ground level.

Rock Inn 0920 909 5899 Contact Person: Bang Omengan - This inn requires a 40-minute walk from the town proper so its recommended for those traveling to Sagada by car. This building is relatively new and is set on an orange orchard and has a well-decorated banquet hall. It's a bit more expensive than other lodges in Sagada with their dormitory-type rooms starting at 450php/person per night. Their more popular rooms are the top-end ones which costs from 1,500php to 1,800php per night and most recommended for family or big groups.

George Guesthouse 0918 548 0406 george.[email protected] - Being the most colorful and flamboyantly decorated building in town, George Guesthouse can easily be identified from the rest of Sagada inns. It is located right beside Canaway Lodge and the rooms here have views of the traditional houses of the Dewang Village. All the bedrooms in this guesthouse have its own private bathrooms with hot and cold shower. The cheapest rate would be 200php/person per night for a room which is good for six persons. Other double rooms cost 300php/person and 500php for 2 persons. 

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