Shopping Sagada

There are lots of souvenirs shops scattered along Sagada if you're looking for simple trinkets like keychains, magnets, mugs, souvenir shirts and the likes. Sagada is known for its traditional weaving and the most more popular place to get these is at Sagada Weaving, which is located just about a half kilometer up the road from the local market. Sagada weavingThis shop produces backpacks, wallets, body bags, purses and other practical items that are made from strong, locally woven cloth and designed with traditional regional patterns. For better prices although a smaller selection of weavings compared to Sagada Weaving, head to Tam-Aw Handicraft located in Barangay Madongo, which is en route to Banga-an wherein the weavers are deaf and/or mute.

Sagada also have good clay resources and is regarded as the only pottery producer in the Mountain Province. Sagada Pottery, which has a distance of around 1.3km from the town center on the way to Besao produces earthenware potteries which take at least 30 hours to fire. Most of the potteries are often brought for exhibition so please be careful no to touch any of these works of art. A small shop is available onsite where you can buy some potteries.

If you've seen the movie The Bucket List then you must have heard of Kopi Luwak. Kopi Luwak or better known in Tagalog as Kape Alamid is a coffee made from the droppings of a civet cat. They say that the digestion process gives the coffee a unique flavor. Although some people may not want the idea of drinking a coffee which came from an animal's bottom, it is considered to be the most expensive kind of coffee in the world. Bana's Cafe sells Cafe Alamid by the cup (150php) and also by the bottle (750php)