Things to see Puerto Galera


White beach - as the name suggests there is a white beach here. Rows of souvenir vendors are congregating on this beach as well and things can get crowded in weekend and during holidays. Alternatively head to Aninuan beach similar and neighboring White beach, but without the crowds and vendors. A short hop from Aninuan beach is the still unspoiled Talipanan beach, accommodation and restaurants are limited to a handful of family owned resorts. The beaches of Sabang, big and small laguna are not a good place for sun tanning and swimming. The few, narrow, white sanded areas are mostly taken by bancas and have a rocky bottom covered with sharp shells. Below is a panoramic image of the beach in Sabang. 

Lighthouse at Escarceo point

This 15 meter high lighthouse was built in 1915 and has marvelous views of the sea. It’s 2 kilometer east of Sabang, walk the road up hill through a palm grove an over a green field to Escarceo Point. 

Talipanan falls

Talipanan falls

From Talipanan beach, it is a 45 minutes walk to the Talipanan falls. On the way you pass through a Mangyan Village and have to wade several small streams. Surrounded by lush tropical jungle is the 30 meter tall fall that drops into 1 meter deep murky pool. To get to the falls, you must hire a local Mangyan to show you the way or else you'll get lost. Also wear sturdy and non-slippery sandals because the rocks can be very slippery and sharp.

Tamaraw falls

The impressive Tamaraw falls are 15 kilometer southeast from Puerto Galera, located just off the main road to Calapan. Cool mountain water drops into a large pool at the bottom of the fall. Take a jeepney to Calapan and ask the driver to drop you off. The 15 km rides takes about 20 minutes.  The resort situated near the base of the falls is charging an entrance fee of 25 php.

Python Cave

A visit to the Python cave 3 kilometer from to town, on the way to Calapan is a popular day trip and can be combined with a visit to the Tamaraw Falls. An unsigned narrow roads leads up to through dense jungle to the large cavern, which according to legend is home to an immense python. Tricycle from Puerto Galera proper will cost 500 php for the return trip. 

Puerto Galera Museum

Inside the Roman Catholic convent is this small museum showcasing artifacts from Philippines history. Most of the collection is retrieved from Chinese merchant vessels, sunk it the waters of Puerto Galera and include porcelain dishes and Ming dynasty burial jars. Admission is free; open daily from 8.30am-11:30am and 1:30pm – 5pm.