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Most activities on Coron are related to diving on the shipwrecks beneath its waters. There are several dive operators offering day trips to the wrecks including lunch on board.  Dive trips usually start around 9 in the morning and you will be back in town before sunset. When we were there they forgot a diver on shore, so be sure to get on the boat early and also to don't miss the return trip after the dives!  Safety seems not to be the major priority and we heard lots of beeping alarms from dive computers under water. By the way, we also made a deco stop on our way back to the surface and one of the divers complained of headache and itching elbows and was banned from diving the next day. So come prepared and dive within your own experience and certification limits.  Below a list of long standing dive operators:

Sea Dive located right in the middle of town on the water and overlooking the market is this PADI operator with a hotel, restaurant and bar attached.  Boats to dive sites leave daily from the restaurant, so you can have a breakfast while waiting for the tour to begin. Prices for three fun dives including equipment, lunch and divemaster are 80 USD. Open water certification costs 450 USD.

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Discovery Divers - This dive center is partnering with two resorts, both situated on islands off Busuanga island. Puerto del Sol resort is the place nearest to the shipwrecks. Their other place is just in front Coron Town on Decanituan island. The dive center is teaching technical and recreational dive courses based on SDI/ TDI standards. The cost for SDI openwater course is 490 USD per person. Two fun dives including equipment rental go for 60 USD.

Dive Calamianes is another PADI operator in town with slightly cheaper rates then Sea Dive. Dive trips and courses are organized from town as well as from the dive link resort on Uson island, opposite Coron town.

Coron divers diveshop is advertising itself as a Filipino friendly place as its staff is made up of Filipino divemasters and instructors. The shop is on the main road and is not connected to a hotel or resort. Prices for three fun dives are also around 80 USD including everything you need.


Most, but not all divesites are about exploring the Japanese WWII wrecks. Barracadu Lake is an amazing divesite with multiple thermoclines. The depths at which these thermoclines occur can vary a bit, but roughly the first 14 meter consists of fresh water with a temperature of around 28°C. Then the water changes to salt water and the temperature goes up 6°C. if you descend slowly, you can actually see the thermocline in your mask! At 35 meter the visibility decreases dramatically and becomes really murky. Getting there requires a climb over sharp limestone rock in full dive gear.  Cathedral cave is another nice site under Colon Island. The entrance to the cave starts at 6 meter and via a 12 meter tunnel leads to the cave. Daylight entering the interior of the cave creates a surrealistic atmosphere.

From the 24 Japanese wrecks, 12 are within recreational depth limits. The refrigeration ship "Irako" is lying at 43 meter deep water, with its deck at 35 meter. The ship is 147 meter long, 19 meters wide and almost completely intact. Deep penetration is possible for experienced divers. To extend your bottom time, the use of Nitrox is recommended. The 140 meter long cargo ship Kogyo Maru is another deep dive site at 34 meter. The ship lies on its starboard side and is penetratable through its cargo holes. Inside you can still see  a bulldozer and cement mixer. Two easier dive sites are the 110 meter long cargo ship Olympia Maru and the 200 meter long Okikawa Maru, the largest ship around Coron. Olympia Maru deck starts at 18 meter going down to a maximum depth is 24 meter.  The Okikawa Maru depth range is from 9 meter to 26 meter.


Paddling along the coastline is a popular way to take in the breathtaking scenery.  Single and multiple trips are available to Coron Island and other nearby island. A support banca carrying equipment and food brings you to the starting point and provides assistance on the way. Day tours with lunch on the beach are around 40 USD. Multiple day tours, including overnight camping on the beach, all equipment and food start at 400 USD.

Island Hopping

Several island hopping tours are offered by operators and can also be organized by your hotel. Most popular trip is the 1 day tour visiting the small marine sanctuary Siete Pescados where you can snorkel and see virgin coral reefs. A visit to the Maquinit hot springs is usually also included in the tour. Lunch is served on Banol beach which has a white sanded beach and crystal clear water. Further included in the package are Bayangan lake and / or Barracadu lake. The day trips cost 15 USD per person. Multi-day trips to El Nido and other destinations are organized by taophilippines. All inclusive prices to El Nido are sold for around 500 USD per boat per day for 4 persons.

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