Highlights Coron

Wreck diving

Dozen WWII wreck are lying on the seabed in the tropical waters surrounding Busuanga Island, all within recreational diving depth limits.However most wrecks are at a depth that require at least an advanced open water certification and sometimes wreck diving experience and certification. Exceptions are the Okikawa Mara and the Tangat Gunboat which are laying at depths within reach of novice divers.

Coron wreck

Lake Barracuda

Diving or snorkeling in Lake Barracuda should be on the list of things to do for everybody going to Coron. The lake consists of layers of water with different salinity levels. Temperatures of the different layers of water vary considerably, creating thermoclines that you can actually see in your mask when diving. The first thermocline starts at a depth of around 14 meter so you have to be a diver to experience it. The lake is located on Coron Island and surrounded by limestone cliffs. Recently they constructed a number of wooden stairs that made it easier to cross the razor sharp limestone rocks. Entrance is free.


Siete Pecados (Seven Islands) Aside from the WWII wreck the waters nearby Coron host a range of sea life and lively coral reefs. Siete Pecados is a protected marine park consisting of seven islands where the corals are still in good shape and starting at shallow depths. The waters are teeming with shoals of small and colorful fishes, that are occasionally giving small bites to snorkelers that are entering there world. There is a small entrance fee to the marine park, collected by your bangka operator.

Hot springs

Maquinit hot springs located a short tricycle ride from Coron are the Maquinit Hot Springs. They consist of a number of man-made pools filled with hot water rising from the depths of the earth that are cascading into the sea. From the pools you have nice view on the sea. There are a number of changing rooms and toilets. At the entrance street vendors are selling several snacks and drinks. Entrance fee to the hot springs is 100 php. 

Mount Tapyas

Looming over Coron town is Mount Tapays. With an altitude of 215 meter the top provides a panoramic view of the Bay of Coron. To get there you will have to climb a stair with 719 steps. The trip is well marked and the steps are good maintained. There are several picknick spots on the way to the top as well as restrooms. Try to get there early morning to avoid most of the scorching sun rays.