Local transport Coron

Being a fishing village, Coron town mostly offers sea attractions so traveling on outrigger boats, which is basically a canoe featuring 1 or more lateral support floats on each side, cannot be missed. Boat rental shops can be found almost everywhere in Coron and the rates depends on the destination you want to go to. Island hopping is the most popular activity here and you can either join other groups in a boat, which is cheaper or rent your own boat complete with a captain and 1 crew. Most boats have their own cooking utensils onboard wherein the captain and his crew will cook the food for you for lunch within the island. You have to buy your own food though at the public market before your island hopping tour.

For local land transportation, the most commonly used is the tricycle. Coron town is small and not heavily populated by locals and tourists so cars can rarely be seen and most people travel by tricycles. Coron tricycles are designed like Manila-jeepneys but unlike the Manila tricycles, theirs is bigger and can accommodate up to six people. A van with a local driver can also be rented for the whole day which will roughly cost around 120usd and is advised if you travel with a large group. 

El Nido, which is also a part of Palawan can be reached by a 7-hour ferry ride from Coron and the ferry fare costs around 50usd for a one-way trip.

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