Shopping Coron

Surrounded by water and with most people working on thier boats, the most popular must-buy in Coron is their fresh seafood which is way cheaper than their Manila counterpart. You can buy them at the public market which is beside their tourist center. Here, you can buy lobsters, crabs, large shrimps and the freshest fish that you can bring to your island hopping tour and have for lunch.

cashewHand roasted cashew nuts or locally known as kasuy is a Coron specialty and cannot be missed. The cashew nuts here are said to be better than what you can get at a supermarket. A good place to buy kasuy is Good Harvest which sells it for around P100 for a small pack.

Other souvenir items like t-shirts, keychains and magnets can be found in most shops anywhere within the town but the choices here are limited compared to other tourist spots like Boracay where there's variety to choose from.

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