Beaches of El Nido

El Nido main beach

El Nido Beach

The main beach of El Nido really doesn’t have a name except that it is the one located in front the resorts and restaurants within the town center of Poblacion. This is where the boats are staying and where they pick-up and drop off tourists who will go on an island tour. Island tours usually begin from 7 to 8 in the morning and ends around 4 in the afternoon. It is not advisable to swim in the beach during the aforementioned times because the area is busy and full of boats but the time the beach is free, you can enjoy the beach all you want wit hits warm, turquoise waters and a fantastic view of the limestone cliffs which made El Nido popular with locals and tourists alike. 


Although not really swimmable because of its very shallow depth, the beach of Corong-Corong, which is approximately 10-15 minutes cycling and 5 minutes with a tricycle from the main beach, is popular because of its more quiet location and for those with a passion for photography. Photographers wait patiently for the sunrise and sunset to get a good shot of the sun with the limestone cliffs at the background and a gorgeous, quiet beach.

Twin beaches of Nacpan and Calitang

Getting here is not easy and also not cheap but definitely worth the trip and every penny. Tricycle drivers usually ask for 1,500php for a roundtrip from the town proper to the twin beaches but if you haggle good enough, you can get it for a price of 1,000php. You may think the trip is expensive since you will just travel by tricycle but wait till you experience the roads and see the beaches for itself before you get put off by the price. A one-way trip takes an hour of bumpy, unpaved but scenic roads plus the driver will have to wait for you to frolic and stroll with the beach before heading the same bumpy road back to the town. It is named twin beaches because the beaches of Nacpan and Calitang are just separated by a sandy path and connected by a small grass covered hill at the end. The Nacpan beach is where you can frolic on the sand and enjoy the sun but the beach is not advisable for swimming since it can be very choppy and dangerous in most instances duet o the big waves. Calitang beach on the other hand, is more like a docking area for fishermen boats. What makes the trip worth it? Aside from the wide beach area and white sand, you can have the beach on your own since very few tourists visit this place and the hill at the end of both beaches provides as a spectular photography point to catch a view of these 2 connected beaches.