Filipinos love to eat no wonder a lot of buffet restaurants or more popularly known as “Eat-All-You-Can” restaurants suddenly sprouted in the metro and doing well in their business. From first-class hotel buffet dining to those located inside the malls, you will not have a hard time finding one if ever you decide to fill your tummy up. For a reasonable amount, you can eat unlimited from their extensive food selection and most buffet restaurants also include unlimited drinks in their menu. But be also aware that most (if not all) buffet restaurants in the Philippines has a no-leftover rule. It means that you can just take what your tummy can handle. Although it is not strictly implemented, it is better to be safe than pay extra afterwards. It is also advised to make reservations at least a day before your preferred dining date to make sure you will have a table reserved. Below is a list if different buffet style restaurants that suits different budgets and different tastes.

Eat-all-you-can Buffet Restaurants:

1. Vikings San Miguel By the Bay, Pasay (near MOA) and 4th level, The Block SM City North Edsa

846-3888, 846-5888  www.vikings.ph 

Weekdays Lunch:         11:00am-2:30pm             688php +5% service charge

Weekdays Dinner:         5:30pm-10:30pm             888php +5% service charge

Weekend Lunch and Dinner: 1,088php + 5% service charge  

The Vikings are known for having a sumptuous feast each time they gather and that’s where this restaurant got its name from. Opened only last 2011, this buffet restaurant offers an ambiance of hotel buffet without the hefty price tag. Aside from its extensive food selection, Vikings also offer free flowing draft beer and other drinks.

2. Buffet 101 SM By the Bay and Robinson’s Magnolia 556-2888 (MOA), 961-2291 (Magnolia) www.facebook.com/buffet101

Weekdays Lunch          11:00am-2:30pm             699php

Weekdays Dinner:         5:30pm-10:00pm             950php

Weekend Lunch and Dinner: 1,050php

Buffet 101 Manila

Conveniently located just at the back of SMX Convention Center and beside SM Mall of Asia’s ferris wheel is Buffet 101. This buffet restaurant is a direct competitor of Vikings and also located within the same area. Although it is cheaper by a few pesos than Vikings, the spread of Buffet 101 is pretty impressive and extensive too, the ambiance is also comparable to that of dining in a hotel buffet. Food is continuously refilled and drinks and shakes are included in the rates.

3. Yakimix Robinson’s Manila, Trinoma, SM Mall of Asia and major malls  www.facebook.com/yakimix

Weekdays Lunch:         11:00am-3:00pm             520php

Weekdays Dinner:         5:30pm-11:00pm             620php

Weekends and Holidays: 660php

Yakimix can be found most major malls and is a different type of buffet restaurant dining. It is a sushi-smokeless grill restaurant where each table is provided with a smokeless grill for diners to grill their own food.  It is less extensive than Vikings and Buffet 101 since it specializes in Asian cuisines like Japanese, Cantonese and Korean. At the raw meat section, you can find beef and chicken slices, shrimps, mussels and the likes that you can take to your table and grill to your specific taste. Drinks are not included in the rate.

4. Sambo Kojin West avenue, Quezon City www.sambokojin.com

Weekdays Lunch:           11:00am-2:00pm             549php

Weekdays Dinner:         6:00pm-10:00pm             629php

Weekend Lunch and Dinner: 659php

Sambo Kojin has the same concept like Yakimix, a smokeless grill restaurant but unlike the latter, this restaurant has limited branches and cannot be found inside the malls. They present themself aas an authentic Yakiniku house which serves an array of Japanese, Korean, Chinese and Filipino dishes. They also have an area where diners can watch their food being cooked by the chef like the tempura, kamameshi rice, sukiyaki etc. Drinks are also not included within the rate.

5. Dad’s/Saisaki Ultimate Buffet SM Megamall, West avenue, Quezon City and Padre Faura,Manila www.kamayansaisakidads.com

Weekdays Lunch:           625php

Weekdays Dinner:         695php

Weekend Lunch and Dinner:    695php

Operating Hours:            11:00am-10:00pm

The pioneer of all eat-all-you-can restaurants in the Philippines, Dad’s has been in operation since 1993 and still as successful as before even with a lot of competitors around them. They might have a few branches but all of these are faring well and still doesn’t run short of customers. They boast of over 200 food choices and includes different continental cuisines like Filipino, Japanese, French, Italian, Mexican and American. Drinks are not included within the rate.

6. Kamay Kainan Market!Market, Trinoma and West avenue, Quezon City www.kamaykainan.com

Eveyday Rate:                  290php

The cheapest of all the buffet restaurants in Manila is Kamay Kainan. In terms of food selection and ambiance, it is a far cry from Vikings or Buffet 101. But if you are looking for an affordable buffet around town, it is worth trying since it will only cost you 290php, whether you dine for lunch or dinner. Kamay Kainan is translated to “to eat with your hands”, but literally, it doesn’t mean you have to eat with your hands here specially it specializes in Filipino food, where most of it consists of stews. Drinks are not included in the rate.