Climate Davao

The weather in Davao is fairly stable throughout the year.


Local transport Davao

The most common and easiest way to get around the city is by taxi which can be found almost everywhere. With the lowest crime rate in the Philippines, taking a taxi in Davao is safer than anywhere else in the country. Flagdown rate is 45php and additional 5php for every succeeding 400 meters. Unlike its counterpart Manila, taxi drivers in Davao are courteous, don't bargain with the passengers and always have coins to give you the exact change even if they know you are a tourist.


Getting there Davao

Davao is easily reached by air, land or sea. Next to Manila and Cebu, Davao is the third most popular city for tourism in the Philippines. Listed below are the different means of transportation to get to Davao.

By Air


Eating & Drinking Davao

In the Philippines, the province of Davao is always synonymous to one word: Durian. Durian, is a spiky-looking tropical fruit that is famous for its pungent smell. Although some are turned off by its smell, still the durian has a lot of supporters specially the Davaoenos. They even turned it into local delicacies like durian candies, durian coffee and even durian-flavored ice cream. Do not be put off by its smell because the durian's flesh is velvety soft and has that distinct aroma and taste that some compare it to wine.


Highlights Davao

Davao is a great destination for outdoor enthusiasts and has a good developed infrastructure providing all kinds of outdoor services. There are a couple of companies offering zip line adventures, including the outdoor adventure company located a few kilometers north from the city center and Camp Saros, a 2 hours drive from Davao. Day trips of rafting on the Davao River are organized by the Davao Wild water adventure. The river has rapids ranging from grade 1 to 3 and navigable by novice rafters.