Manila bus terminals

There are no combined bus stations in Manila. Instead most of the bus companies have their own private terminals, which however are located near each other. As a general rule most of the buses heading south are located in the Pasay area in the south of Manila. Buses bound to the north are leaving from terminals in Cubao located in the north eastern part of the city. Both of the bus terminal congregations are close to the EDSA highway and within walking distance of an MRT and LRT Station


Corregidor Island

Corregidor Island is home to a collection of military ruins – silently telling the story of the Philippines during World War II. This is not just another tourist attraction. What makes it unique is that you can learn part of the Philippine history on the site through its Spanish and US buildings and bunkers that were destroyed during the Japanese invasion.

Isla Del Corregidor Timeline


Climate Manila

The temperatures in Manila are year round high. December and January are the coolest months, with a relative low humidity and comfortable temperatures.


Manila Travel Guide


For first time travelers to Manila the maze of busy streets, frenetic traffic combined with tropical heat and pollution can be intimidating. But looking beyond that, there are lots of shopping and entertainment options and Manila boasts some of the best restaurants and most exclusive shopping venues in the Philippines.