Climate Banaue

Despite being located in the tropics, temperatures remain pleasant in Banaue because of the altitude. At night it can get downright chilly with temperatures dropping to 12°C / 54°F in the first few months of the year.


Shopping Banaue

The Ifugaos, which is the native people of Banaue are very well-known for their woodcarvings and basketry. Their crafts and carving are available almost everywhere within the town but the most popular woodcarving is of the bulol or rice-guard. These pieces are made of wood which are well crafted and aged and can stand out in most collection of primitive art. If you look even better, traditional items like wooden chests, chairs and door panels can be found.


Eating & Drinking Banaue

Most of the best lodges in Banaue also have the best restaurants in town and so this chapter will help you decide where to eat and drink in this quiet town. It is also advised to have your dinner before 9pm as most kitchens and cafes close by 9pm.

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Places to stay Banaue

Compared to Sagada which is another quiet tourist spot in Northern Luzon, Banaue's accommodations is simpler and not much as a good value. The selling point from the restaurant to the rooms is the view of the Ifugao Rice Terraces. Peak season is from Mid-December up to the first week of January  which is the Christmas and New Year season as well as the Holy Week season. Accommodation prices usually go up during the peak season so better book in advance. Most lodges with shared bathrooms also don't provide hot water and you can buy it per bucket.