Trip planning Philippines

Travel planning can be a fun thing to do and gets you in the mood for exploring The Philippines. Also some practical issues need to be addressed. The chapters in this section of the Jeepneyguide will assist you by providing the necessary information and give tips and tricks for the journey ahead to make the most of your holiday.

Have a look at our Health chapter for a list of recommended vaccinations and medication, so you won't be spending your precious holiday time in a hospital or need to be repatriated back home. The Philippines is connected to the rest of the world by a long list of airlines ranging from established airlines like KLM and Emirates to budget friendly airlines like Air Asia en Cebu Pacific Air. In the Getting There and Local Transport chapter you will find an overview of the airlines that serve The Philippines. 

Trip planning Philippines

The chapter Costs helps with budgeting for your trip, saving up the necessary amount of money and getting the most holiday for your money. Although The Philippines is a relative affordable country a bit of budgeting and keen planning can stretch your money farther.

Deciding when to travel depends on a lot of aspects, but the weather plays an important role. A typhoon can really mess up your holiday and will halt down local and international transportation. The time to visit chapter shows the months where the weather is most likely to be the best and most attractions will be open. 


Most visitors to The Philippines will be issued a visa on arrival valid for a stay of 21 days. Extension is a relative easy proces and takes a few days and a trip to The Bureau of Iimmigration. Have a look the Visa section for more information.  

Further we compiled a number of Itineraries to kick start your appetite for travel and tickle your senses in compiling your own ultimate trip to The Philippines. Please let us know your own ultimate itinerary by using the contact form, so it can serve as an inspiration for other travelers.